Why are we different

“You Will Never Influence The World By Trying To Be Like It.”

- Sean McCabe

The Material

Vulcan Watch Straps are different from anything else on the market: not only do we create them to withstand any condition on the planet, we engineer out any impurities, making them friendly to wear (even for those with sensitive skin).

The bands have been designed by some of the best engineers in London, alongside some of the worlds most renowned rubber manufactures. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our Rolex replacement watch bands are manufactured using UK aerospace M1 grade tooling. This ensures the tightest tolerances and the best finishes, meaning style and substance are always met in equal measure.

Rolex rubber watch strap on submariner

The Buckle

A unique feature on the Vulcan Watch Strap is the metallic mould at the buckle end. This mould ensures the pin is secured through metallic housing at both ends of the strap, rather than just relying on the rubber itself, so you can be assured your Rolex is always in safe hands.

We also offer premium materials for the buckles themselves including brushed, polished and black ceramic. Moreover, our buckles are manufactured from a metal injection moulding process, which creates a thicker and more durable buckle. The combination of higher quality materials and higher quality processes means we have created a buckle for your Rolex that will stand the test of time.

Both the buckles and the retaining loops can be bought separately so customisation is never more than a click away.

Custom watch straps and accessories

The Design

We understand that when you’re buying a Rolex replacement watchband you want to retain some of the original design. So we have created a strap with 2 groves to mimic the original Rolex Oyster strap.

Furthermore, the curved underside of the Vulcan Watch Strap has been uniquely engineered to increase airflow, subsequently minimising skin contact and allowing sweat to escape. Ultimately this design ensures both comfort and style are maintained 24/7.

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