Installation Guide

Thank you for purchasing your unique Vulcan Watch Strap; we hope that you enjoy this high-quality and innovative product.

You can easily install your new strap using the Vulcan bar tool, which is available on the ‘Accessories’ page of our website (link). It should be noted that we cannot accept any responsibility for damage incurred to your strap or watch face during the installation process, so please take the upmost care when completing these steps.

It is, however, unlikely that you will have any problems as all our straps have been carefully engineered to ensure that they’re as easy as possible to attach. As with everything Vulcan do, our client’s satisfaction lies at the heart of the installation process.

Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable using an authorised Vulcan Watch Strap dealer or Rolex certified jeweller, this is also possible. A list of our authorised vendors can be found here and, whilst replacement costs vary between stores, they are all reasonably priced and Vulcan-certified.




The following steps are specifically written for those wishing to install the buckle version of the Vulcan Watch Strap to a Rolex watch.

  1. First prepare your work area. It is recommended that you cover the table with a Vulcan cleaning cloth to fully protect your watch from any unwanted scratches/ scuffs. These are available in the ‘Accessories’ section of the website, which can be found here.
  2. Ensure that your Rolex watch, Vulcan Watch Strap and Vulcan bar tool kit are ready to hand.
  3. Open the deployment clasp of the Rolex and lay your watch face-down on the Vulcan cleaning cloth.
  4. [OPTIONAL STEP] If you wish to protect the back face of the watch from surface scratches simply attach a small piece of sticky tape to this area. If you do accidentally mark the back face then it’s easy to polish out light scratches afterwards.
  5. Take the Vulcan bar tool and ensure that the “V” prong is visible at the smaller end. The bar tool should arrive ready to use but, if for any reason it does not, then it’s easy to amend. Simply loosen the retaining boss (at the bottom) and pull the tool insert out. Next, rotate it 180°, push the tool insert back in and tighten the boss.
  6. Locate the 4 pin holes that hold the oyster bracelet to the Rolex watch face.
  7. Hold the Rolex oyster strap in your hand and gently place the “V” prong into the first pin hole.
  8. Use the bar tool to slide the pin towards centre of the watch. Applying pressure with your index finger should help to release it.
  9. Repeat this process on the second pin and the Rolex strap should be released.

  10. Remove the 2 pins and store them in a safe place as you will re-use these later down the line when you attach your Vulcan

  11. Watch Strap. Our bands have a 316L boss moulded into them, meaning that the link is as (if not more) secure than the original.

  12. Follow steps 7-9 for the other side of the strap to completely remove it.

  13. Take the Rolex bar pins and slide them into the corresponding points on the Vulcan Watch Strap (on both the buckle and non-buckle side).

  14. If you wear your Rolex on your left hand, take the longest side of the Vulcan Watch Strap and prepare to place it at the 6 O’Clock position, keeping the watch face-down.

  15. Rest the strap, complete with pins, in the cavity of the Rolex watch face.

  16. Using the “V” prong on the Vulcan bar tool gently push the pin inwards so that it sits securely in the hole.

  17. Repeat this process on the opposite side.

  18. Give the strap a short pull to ensure it is safely fastened.

  19. To remove your Vulcan Watch Strap simply follow the above steps again, it should take around 2 minutes.

    If you’d like further guidance we have created an informative video guide which can be found below. Otherwise, if you’d prefer to speak to one of our knowledgeable team, please send a message to


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