What to buy a watch lover for Christmas

christmas gifts for watch lovers
What to buy a watch / Rolex lover for Christmas?

It’s getting near to that time of year again, yes yawn, we may be a bit early but better to be prepared.

Its that time of year where people are preparing for the mass onslaught of gift buying for the lucky people in your life.

But what do you buy someone for Christmas who loves watches?

We all know the guy who seems to have it all including a collection of Rolex watches, and we never know what to buy them, so we have put together a guide for a few ideas below to get you started and in the Christmas spirit.

Let's look at some of the great Christmas gifts available for watch lovers in 2018 and beyond.

Bremont Leather Watch Roll

The humble watch roll is first on the list, this is a great accessory for travelling with your favourite watches. Bremont is a well know manufacturer of quality watches, so this the quality of this watch roll is no exception. The Bridle leather watch roll is ideal for frequent travellers and has all the space you need to stow up to 3 timepieces and even some spare watch straps, a Vulcan Watch Strap perhaps. The Bridle leather used in the manufacture of this watch roll is a high-quality leather used in the manufacture of luxury goods around the world. Style and comfort are guaranteed with this perfect gift. Made in England this watch roll features the Bremont logo on the buckle and embossed “made in England” on the inside face. A great gift for any watch lover.




Barrington Watch Winder

For those watch owners who own mechanically wound watches, they will need a watch winder to keep their pride and joy running. It’s important that mechanical watches are constantly running so that they keep lubricated and working as they should for a long time to come. The mechanical watches are designed to self-wind along with the movement of your wrist but after a period of not wearing for the watch for 2 or 3 days they can stop and need winding up again, so if you don't wear your watch every day it can become a pain. So in comes, the mechanical watch winder, when you are not wearing your watch just pop it into this watch winder and this device will take care of the winding for you and ensure that your watches are ready to go and fully wound when you need to wear them.




Mechanical Cuff Links

Why not help your watch loving friend or family member accessorise thier watch with a set of these mechanical movement cufflinks. These cufflinks are manufactured from real watch movements and as such can actually be manually wound so you can see the movements inside of them, a great accessory for the watch lover in your life.




Louis Vuitton Watch Case

If you have a little bit of a higher budget to buy your special someone something a bit more expensive for Christmas this year. Take a look at this stunning Louis Vuitton watch case for £4000. This will surely be the envy of all their friends. It is a great place to store all of thier luxury watches. They can store up to 8 luxury watches in this beautifully designed case complete with locking mechanism. A watch case to give Paris Hilton a run for her money.





Vulcan Watch Straps for Rolex

Why not help your Rolex loving friend or family change up the look of their Rolex watch by buying them a Vulcan Watch Strap.

Perhaps a new colour rubber Rolex watch strap will help them match their beloved timepiece to their Christmas jumper or to that lovely green Christmas tree on Christmas day.

We have 7 different colours to choose from to match any colour combination you choose.

Crimson Red

Emerald Green

Azure Blue

Stone Grey

Ice White

Sunset Orange

Onyx Black

So what is a Vulcan Watch Strap I hear you ask? Well, it’s a high grade vulcanised Rubber Watch Strap manufactured and hand finished in London. Manufactured in a clean room environment alongside rubber parts manufactured for NASA and top Formula 1 teams, these straps ensure the highest quality to match their Rolex.

What’s more, the material has been developed to withstand any environment on Earth where a human can explore, be it the top of Mt Everest or the depths of the Arctic Ocean. Vulcan Watch Strap owners can also change up the material of the buckle along with the finish, choose from polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel or black polished ceramic.

Why not combine your gift of a Rolex watch strap with an accessory such as the Vulcan Watch Strap toolkit to allow your loved one to change their Rolex bracelet over to a Vulcan rubber strap.

We also offer gift cards which can be gifted via email, this allows your loved one to customise their own preferences and have it hand-delivered to their door.



A subscription to Watch Anish Magazine

Watch Anish is a global watch and influencer and celebrity on Instagram. He really knows his stuff when it comes to watches. Watch Anish launched a new watch lifestyle magazine at Baselworld 2018 which covers everything from new product launches to interviews with people in the watch industry. Its a great read so why not buy the gift that keeps giving all year with a 1-year subscription.


watch anish8

A man and his watch book

This is an amazing book for any watch enthusiast. This book explores the relationship between iconic men and their watches. From the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona to JFK's Omega watch worn to his presidential inauguration. A man and his watch written by Matthew Hranek, a watch collector from New York is a fascinating read and documents the history of the worlds most famous watches. Telling the never before told stories of 76 iconic watches this is a must for any watch lover.

Available on Amazon



We hope you enjoy the festive shopping season and if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

Many thanks and seasons greetings.

The Vulcan Watch Straps Team

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