Why would you change your Rolex Oyster strap rubber one?

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So why would you even think about changing your beautiful Rolex oyster watch strap for a rubber one?

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It’s a question some people ask and there are many different reasons for different people, we explore some of the reasons below.

The world of replacing the Oyster bracelet with a rubber watch strap has a wide spectrum of views and opinions, some people absolutely love Rolex rubber straps and others are not so keen, others are in the middle and others just use the rubber straps when the time suits such as going diving or skiing, and put the oyster bracelet back on for formal events etc.

So what are some of the reasons people switch from their Rolex Oyster bracelet to a Vulcan rubber watch strap?

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Well, some people want to keep their Rolex oyster bracelet in pristine condition from when they buy it. Rolex oyster bracelets stretch over time with wear, you've all seen the pictures of someone holding a Rolex on a side and seeing the strap bending downwards under gravity. This is due to the stretching and wearing of the metallic parts. Not only does this start to look a bit worn against your nice Rolex watch face but also will have an impact on the resale value of your Rolex. So some people remove the metallic watch band as soon as they purchase their watch and put it away for safekeeping. They then install a different strap so they have a more durable and less expensive replacement, such as the Rolex rubber watch straps we offer. This way if they ever came to resell their Rolex the strap is in the condition that it left the factory and greatly increases the resale value of the watch.

But there are other reasons for swapping out to a rubber band, for some people who work at a desk job, they find the Rolex bracelet and deployment buckle can rub on the desk and create wear on it causing it to look a bit beaten prematurely, the constant contact of the deployment bracelet against the desk as you are typing can cause a "buckle rash" on the face of the deployment clasp making it look prematurely worn. This again may have an impact on the resale value of the Rolex, but more importantly, it will not look as nice as it once did.

Other people change them for the simple reason that they prefer the look and comfort of a luxury made vulcanized rubber watch strap, the rubber straps we offer are so comfortable that you forget you are even wearing a watch. Our vulcanized rubber has been developed with the leading rubber experts in London to be one of the most comfortable, if not THE most comfortable and durable rubber watch band available on the market today. We have developed the design to also include a cambered skin contact surface which actually reduces the area of rubber in contact with the skin, and allows air to flow under the strap to reduce sweating and reducing trapped water when diving.


There are also practical reasons too for changing the strap from metallic to rubber. If you imagine you live in a really cold climate, a metallic watch band will not absorb heat like a rubber watch band will. The metallic strap would become really cold and could actually cause cold burns in the skin in extreme weather. Replacing for a rubber watch strap means that heat will be better absorbed by the rubber making it more comfortable to wear.

All of our straps as designed to function in the coldest and hottest environments on Earth, it makes sense to use a rubber strap in extremes of weather for function and comfort.

Knowing our straps are manufactured to the highest of quality standards in the U.K. using M1 aerospace grade tooling you can rest assured that these high grade vulcanized rubber watch straps won't let you down in any environment you face. The aerospace grade tooling ensures the highest quality finishes and tolerances so our rubber straps integrate seamlessly with your beloved Rolex Watch.

So customize your strap here to suit your lifestyle 


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