3 Reasons Rolex should be your next fashion investment

rolex investment

Hello everybody.

What I want to talk to you today about are three reasons why you should be buying a Rolex part of your next fashion investment.

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So let's get into it. Here are three reasons why you should be buying a Rolex as part of your next fashion investment.

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Reason number one

Wearing a Rolex portrays the image of success. How many guys do you see in business meetings and or networking events wearing a Rolex who are successful in the world of business. Most of the people that you see wearing a Rolex are succeeding in life. They're succeeding in business they are succeeding in life they are succeeding in everything. They've probably bought a Rolex to commemorate the fact that they have made a success of something or another. Many people will buy a Rolex to commemorate a big business deal, or a big investment deal, or a major milestone in life. A lot of people use Rolexes to mark certain achievements.

Reason number two

The second reason for investing in a Rolex is being able to pass it down to the next generation. I have a six-year-old daughter, and one of the reasons for me collecting Rolex watches is that when I pass on to the next life, I can pass my Rolexes down to my daughter as a family heirloom. She can then keep them, pass them on to her kids, or she could liquidate them to buy a new house, or a new car, or something like that. You can enjoy the watches throughout the life. Then when you're done with them, you can pass them down to your children. They can pass them down to their children, and it can become a family heirloom, and be passed down through generations. It's a really nice idea, and obviously, your Rolex will increase in value all the way through its life if you buy the right one too.

Reason number three

This is probably the biggest reason people collect Rolexes, and that is to collect Rolex as an investment. You've all seen the guy down in the pub wearing his nice shiny Rolex. That ladies and gentlemen is not just a fashion statement. That is a pretty savvy investment. You buy a Rolex now for say 4, 5, 6 thousand pounds, or better still you can get your hands on one of the rarer models, including a number of the stainless steel models, you are going to see a great return on that investment.


Obviously most people into Rolex watches are aware of the Rolex shortage all around the world. I've travelled far and wide this year all around the world. There are no stainless steel Rolex models anywhere to be seen, from Fifth Avenue in New York to the biggest Rolex boutique in the World in Dubai Mall, you just cannot find Rolex stainless steel sports models. When I visited the biggest Rolex boutique in the world, which is in The Dubai Mall. I was laughed out when I was asking about ceramic stainless steel Daytona and its availability. You can see that if you buy stainless models, keep them for a long time. They're going to increase in value, which becomes a great investment.


Rolex increase the prices on an annual basis. They used to do it every year, but I believe they're doing it less often now. So when Rolex increase their retail price, the watch you currently own will increase on the second-hand market. So keep that box. Keep the papers. Keep them in a safe. Keep your watch in pristine condition, and over the years you should see a steady increase in value.

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