Meeting luxury retailers in Dubai

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Meeting the top luxury watch retailers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

So I am currently sat in a hotel room in Dubai at the Park Regis after a couple of days of really productive meetings with a number of retailers across the UAE, mainly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two of the most luxurious cities in the world. I always feel the inspiration to write a blog post when I am on a business trip and it seems to just flow in these situations, I will have to do it more often :)

So some of the largest and most renowned luxurious watch shops in the Middle East contacted us to arrange meetings to discuss the potential for them to become official retailers of our product. Just think about that for a minute, these companies who are actually selling some of the most luxury timepieces available on Earth have looked at our brand and our products and have chosen to give us the most valuable commodity known to man, time. They wanted us to present our products to them in their retail environment to allow them to touch and feel our rubber watch straps for Rolex for themselves, well it was an opportunity which we weren't going to let pass us by, so we booked the next flight out and packed our bags.










These meetings have just gone as well as we could have possibly hoped. The response to our Rolex rubber watch straps has been somewhat overwhelming, everyone we have shown the product to has agreed that the quality is absolutely first class and outclasses anything else on the market. To have this kind of feedback from companies who are handling watches from the likes of Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Hublot on a daily basis is just mind-blowing.




Many of the retailers we went to see have taken out high-end watch straps from the likes of Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Hublot and Omega to compare the quality and have actually said that our rubber watch straps for Rolex are more comfortable and feel much better quality. Which was an amazing accolade to be compared with such prestigious brands and stand out on top. So thank you for this it was an honor to meet you and thank you for having us.




Our customised straps for Rolex were very well received by the retailers we met with, often being passed around the hands of all of the staff in these amazingly lavish shops. Each and every one of them commenting on how great the quality was and being really amazed at the level of engineering which has gone into the watch strap material and also the watch strap design. Some even tried to test the straps to destruction there and then, but we knew the quality would hold up and they were very impressed with the amount of hammer these straps could take and still retain their original form.




We have after all developed the material to withstand the harshest environments on Earth and have developed the design and the material of the watch straps to withstand even the hardest wear and tear, so I am glad it passed these tests in the eyes and hands of our potential retailers. All that is left now is to agree numbers and hopefully this will be the start of an amazing journey for both us and our possible new partners across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE.




So I have a down day and I am currently contemplating what to do today, its 40 degrees outside with humidity running at about 50%+ so you can’t walk more than 2 minutes without being drenched and dehydrated. My morning walk to get a coffee was hard enough in this heat, but I am contemplating heading down to Jumeirah Beach to take some photos of our straps on the Rolex watches I have brought with me. I am then heading back to one of the retailers in Dubai who wants to take a couple of straps for further discussions with the owners of the business to see if we can agree a deal to list them as our official retailer in Dubai.




It has been a really positive trip which could have turned out the opposite way. The reason being a number of meetings were organised then subsequently canceled as the companies realised that it was the EID holidays and the offices would be closed. WHAT! we’ve booked flights and hotels which cannot be cancelled. Most of the meetings were rearranged to the week after, so my choices were to write off the money paid for this trip and book again for the week after, do the trip twice in a week, or send them an email and plead to their good nature to still meet me at the original time.








rubber watch straps dubai








Thankfully the amazing people of Dubai and the UAE did not let us down, they took pity on us and some of them even came in to see us from a well-earned break with their families which we really did appreciate as they didn’t have to do that for us. EID Mubarak my friends, thank you for accommodating us and showing me such amazing hospitality and goodwill, it is truly appreciated. Thank you.




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