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Finally an alternative option for Rolex Rubber Straps

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There are a few Rolex Rubber Strap manufacturers on the market but Vulcan Watch Straps came to the market looking to provide something different, something which felt like luxury and look to improve on the areas where the competition have failed.

Vulcan Watch Straps are a luxury watch strap manufacturer based in the United Kingdom who has developed an aftermarket vulcanized rubber watch strap for Rolex sports models. After 12 months of engineering and development, the rubber watch straps are available now and selling fast. The rubber straps developed by Vulcan Watch Straps fit many of the Rolex sports models including the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Daytona, Rolex GMT Master I & II, Sea-Dweller and Yacht-Master II. If you can’t wait until the end of the article you can customise and order your rubber strap here.

Vulcan Watch Straps are unlike any other rubber watch strap on the market today. Not only do they look different to the offerings available today but the rubber straps are developed from a specially formulated high grade vulcanised rubber, this rubber is unlike anything else on the market. The material which has been developed has been specially formulated to outclass the competition in a number of different areas, but mainly in style comfort and durability.

The specially formulated rubber has been exclusively developed by leading rubber polymer scientists from London, United Kingdom, where the straps are made. These scientists are no stranger to developing high-grade polymers for demanding and high profile applications, having worked with such high calibre clients as NASA and with top end Formula One racing teams.

The straps are formulated, designed and manufactured wholly in the UK and are moulded using UK aerospace precision grade class M1 tooling and are then hand finished to the highest standards to ensure the client is getting the best product every time.

Some of the basic properties of the Rolex rubber watch straps can be found below:

Compound / material Properties:

The basic physical properties are rated by the laboratory tests as follows:-

(Options are: poor, fair, good, excellent)


Weather resistance = Excellent

Water resistance = Excellent

Compression set = Excellent

Dust resistance = Excellent

Ozone resistance = Excellent

Flame resistance = Excellent

Odour = Excellent

Resistance to animal and veg oils = Excellent


Colourability = Good

Acid resistance = Good

Tear resistance = Good

Mineral oil resistance = Good

Tensile strength = Good

Elongation = Low / medium (which is the better end of the scale for watch straps as you don’t want too much stretch in the material)

Temperature Range: -20C to +220C

FDA compliant = Yes


After manufacture and hand finishing the rubber watch straps are then put through a rigorous quality inspection procedure to ensure that only the straps that pass the strictest quality and inspection specification are allowed to pass to the next manufacturing stage.

Once the rubber has been approved through the inspection process the buckle can be attached. The choices for the client are either high gloss black ceramic or 316L stainless steel. This is another part of the strap which makes Vulcan Watch Straps unique to all of the other strap manufacturers out there.

The buckles have been manufactured using a state of the art metal injection moulding technique. Traditional methods for manufacturing buckles included pressing a buckle shape from a piece of stainless steel sheet, this doesn’t allow for a substantial buckle, just a thin plate buckle with no real thickness. This type of buckle can also (if not finished properly) create sharp edges which can dig and scratch the skin. This is why Vulcan Watch Straps opted for the more expensive, more high tech method for their clients, to give them something which no other watch manufacturer currently offers. The means the buckle is weighty, more ornate, and has sliky smooth corners which are a pleasure to run your fingers over. They will not scratch or nip the skin.

Another first in the rubber watch strap industry is the ability to customise the rubber strap with a ceramic buckle. The ceramic buckles are manufactured by master craftsmen and finished in a black siny glaze, making them highly resistant to water, scratching and braking. The ceramic buckles are as strong as the stainless buckles but maintain that unique look.

Vulcan Watch Straps don’t stop with only developing the best materials throughout the best process. The Rolex watch straps actually contain a high-grade 316L stainless steel mechanical integration at all of the connection points between the straps and the watch body, as well as between the strap and the buckle. Ensuring that your pride and joy remains firmly on your wrist at all times.

Everyone is different so Vulcan Watch Straps give their clients the ability to customise their straps at every opportunity.

Being unique is what makes everyone different and Vulcan Watch Straps want thier clients to be able to experience this too.

There are currently 7 colours in the range, these include:

Onyx Black

Emerald Green

Crimson Red

Azure Blue

Sunset Orange

Ice White

Stone Grey


Vulcan Watch Straps offer their clients the ability to be able to customise and combine the main colour of the strap along with the colour of the strap retaining loop. You can see using the unique Rolex customisation tool here how your watch will look with your chosen combination.

But it doesn’t stop there, you can also customise your buckle colour and finish, Vulcan Watch Straps currently offer a choice of solid 316L stainless steel and 18k gold which have the option of brushed or polished finish, they also have the option of a black gloss ceramic as discussed previously.

With all these choices you can mix and match colours to precisely match your Rolex model or your fashion choices for the evening.

With the ability to buy the strap retainers separately it means you can have a few different looks without having to buy multiple straps.

All of the above coupled with a 12-month manufacturers warranty means you can purchase with confidence that you are wearing the best rubber watch straps on the market.

There are many different rubber watch strap manufacturers out there, but as with everything you buy, all things are not made equal.

The rubber straps provided by Vulcan Watch Straps are up there with the best Rolex rubber watch straps available right now and are available to purchase at

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